Photograph of Nathan Hutchinson

Hi, I am Nathan, a travel and documentary photographer.

Photography that brings you closer to Southeast Asia its people and their culture. 

Are you looking for images that tell a story, evokes emotion and with deeper engagement? I am Nathan Hutchinson and I enjoy creating images that can exist as both fine art and documentary showing the diversity of the people, culture and places of Southeast Asia. I am available for editorial assignments and assisting NGOs with their photography and media needs. 

Client’s Testimony & Recommendations

“Nathan you have gone beyond doing your very best to deliver the most stunning results.

“Nathan, you have gone beyond doing your very best to deliver the most stunning results. Not only regarding photographs but also by sharing valuable feedback and new insights for us to build a brand and continue growing Withlocals.com. Thank you for this great first experience – it will most certainly not be the last!” 

– Ikram Rhioui 

Regional Manager Asia


“His work is always beyond expectations and inspiring.

Nathan has visited us on several occasions and we sincerely hope that he will be back many more times. His work is always beyond expectations and inspiring. The way he is documenting the growth of Conserve Natural Forests is simply a great asset to us in our attempt to carry out environmental conservation activities. Thank you again, Nathan!

– Miguel Tenorio Tagle

Co-founder & Chairman

 Conserve Natural Forests

“Nathan Hutchinson is committed to following his passion for photography.

“Nathan Hutchinson is committed to following his passion for photography. I watched his talent blossom and he showed true determination to make photographs that connect with people. He is quick to find good situations and is patient to find the best frame and wait for the right moment. His photographs show Asia as a colourful tourist destination, but beyond that, he has an honest desire to explore journalistic stories that are close to his heart.” 

– Melissa Farlow  

National Geographic Photographer

 The Photo Society 

 Artist Statement

Photography allows me to explore a deeper meaning to life and purpose. It creates awareness and teaches me to focus on the present. I take pride in not staging my photographs, I do not tell subjects what to do or where to stand. There is an abundance of beauty in our world that exist and occurs naturally and my challenge as a photographer is to capture those moments. My work documents the diversity of human culture and places of Southeast Asia. I am curious about things that are traditional, holding a deeper history or showing a simpler way of life. I like to capture the honesty of people and give them justice in the work they do.

I always feel the need to include in my photographs some evidence of human existence through architecture, agriculture, religion or the arts.  I like to observe people, their behaviour, ask questions and try to understand what is taking place before pressing the shutter on my camera.

Artists such as Steve McCurry and Michael Yamashita influences my creativity. I appreciate McCurry’s focus on the human condition and use of saturated colours. Yamashita’s artistic documentation of the Asian landscape and culture guides my creative vision. I am equally passionate about post-capture processing using software such as Capture One and Photoshop as it extends on and satisfies my creativity.

I invite viewers to be mindful of the experience when viewing my images, to connect with the people, the place and even with themselves.

Artist Bio

Nathan Hutchinson was born in 1975 in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. After studying sciences, he finished college at the age of 18 following a career in the oil and gas drilling industry. He traveled to many countries and worked in remote locations with people of various nationalities, languages and religious beliefs. This exposure nurtured his interest in learning more about people of different cultures and their land.

Nathan’s creativity grew from his personal home interior design projects. Choosing to work on his own, they involved carpentry, woodwork and welding all self-taught. He bought his first DSLR camera after moving to Thailand in 2008 but only started learning photography as an art form in 2012 and struggled to balance this with his career which was very demanding at the time. Eventually, on his 40th Birthday, Nathan pondered on how he would like to spend the remaining part of his life. The thought of making a living from photography was desired, but he also felt discouraged as he was now 40 and believed that it would be impossible at a time when just about every person had a camera.

A few months after his 40th Birthday the oil economy crashed and Nathan lost his job along with thousands of others across the world.  He then came across Melissa Farlow, a National Geographic photographer who became his mentor and over a period of six months worked closely with him improving his talent and determination. During that time he started getting commission work from an online travel company, and his images represented by Getty. You can read more about this transition on his blog “Becoming A Photographer“.

Nathan recently completed his certification in Photojournalism through the New York Institute of Photography. He is also planning for his first exhibition “Becoming a Photographer” and a photo book titled same.

My Family

I am married with four children, three girls, and one boy. My daughters are Kirsten, Katelyn, and Kelsey, born in that order all teenagers now and my son Jacob who is only four years old. Then there is my caring wife Tunyarak who has been the most supportive in what I do.   

My daughters

My daughters, all grown up now but still my babies.

My wife and son

My wife and my son. 



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